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Archives, Access and Escrow: the Archive Escrow solution.

Archives are an important part of any organization. They contain the full history, knowledge and data the organization has amassed over time, and is thus invaluable in terms of stored information. In many cases, the information stored in the archive is vital for the organization's day-to-day operation, and a loss of the archive or even a temporary unavailability of the archive can have far-reaching consequences.

This is particularly the case in situations where multiple companies share information, data or other knowledge - think of mergers, co-developed products, consortia, acquisitions, but also of standard contract management. In these cases, some form of shared access to the archives and data storages will be installed, but the agreements often only include a normal business situation. It is, however, entirely likely that along the way, some unexpected events will occur that may threaten the continuity of the shared accessibility.

This calls for solutions. Traditional solutions offered include back-ups, handling by outside parties, or integrity tests (traditionally contracted by one particular party or the consortium - which again brings continuity threats). None of these solutions can adequately protect both the accessibility AND the property rights for all parties involved, let alone manage the archive, structure it and verify its integrity.

WorldEscrow's Archive Escrow solution can.

The entire point of a WorldEscrow Archive Escrow is implementing a conditional release of the information under the agreement. The conditions for release can be as broad or as narrow as you want it to be, but the goal of the service is always to protect the accessibility of all parties that require access and also protect the individual intellectual property rights of any and all parties involved.

Furthermore, WorldEscrow can fully manage, structure and verify the integrity of any archives put in Escrow. WE safeguards these archives in a secure digital environment. Powered by a highly advanced AI search and structure protocol, any and all documents can be uploaded, structured and made available to those who need it or denied to those who don't. In addition, the technology enables us to check whether or not an archive or other set of data is up to standards of all parties involved.

Last but not least: WorldEscrow acts as a Trusted Third Party. As such, WE is a neutral party, by its very definition. This makes us more than well suited for managing the different interests of all parties in any situation.

Would you like to know more? Make sure to give us a call.

Don't leave your Archive's availability to chance, leave it to us. contact us.

The WorldEscrow Team
WorldEscrow NV
Graaf van Egmont Straat 15, box 1
B-2800 Mechelen
+32 (0) 15 20 44 50