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WorldEscrow Newsletter: on Archives and Catacombs

Archiving is - let's face it - a drag. It is easily associated with a library's worth of ridiculously dusty folders, files and boxes full of paper. Worst of all: the moment you have to find that one paper that was signed ten years ago and suddenly became relevant again. And even if your archive doesn't resemble the Paris Catacombs and is fully digitalized, chances are that it ranges from somewhat unstructured to downright disorganized. We wish you good luck digging through the endless amounts of paper or digital information by hand, which is enough to make every healthy human being fantasize about burning the archive to the ground.

Which brings us to the second point: just how much would you lose should a disgruntled employee or co-worker succumb to his fantasies and burn the entire archive down? Our best guess: a lot. Some of the paperwork or data amassed over time is relatively easily replaced or ultimately useless, but the vast majority of that same paperwork and data contains treasures worth of information - if only you could get them out...

This makes that a physical or local archive is two things: worth heaps in terms of information but very difficult to manage and secure (after all, all it takes is a single spark). WorldEscrow has created a solution that fits both problems at once: Archive Escrow. In Archive Escrow, WorldEscrow offers you the easiest way of securing and managing your archive in a digital environment.

Archive Escrow works on two fronts at the same time, and thus has two main components. The first component is an archive management system, containing a powerful Artificial Intelligence. All you have to do is scan the documents and start using the platform. The AI will automatically start organizing the documents to suit both the security needs of your company (and thus the confidentiality of the documents) and the manageability of your archive's capital (and thus the availability of documents).

The second component is the guaranteed continuity of your archives and documents through a WorldEscrow organized verification and storage system. That system revolves around the key principles of escrow: safeguarding and conditional release. Depending on your needs, the WorldEscrow solution can be as far-reaching and in-depth as you want it to be. At the very least, a verified back-up of your archive's structure is taken, allowing you to recreate your archive in the event of a sudden loss of files or documents.

Long story short: next time you need that one little piece of paper, you won't need to find it in the dungeon-like archive, but it'll be handed to you by your safe, friendly and efficient AI assistant, all while you know that your archive is protected from disgruntled employees digitally torching the place.

For all information and more fireproof Business Continuity solutions, contact us.

The WorldEscrow Team
WorldEscrow NV
Graaf van Egmont Straat 15, box 1
B-2800 Mechelen
+32 (0) 15 20 44 50