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Newsletter February: SAAS Escrow

SaaS & Escrow

Why your business requires SaaS Escrow.

Saas, essentially software on a subscription basis, is a very easy-to-use form of software delivery. It's easiness to use is its greatest asset, but, in terms of business continuity, SaaS systems have a very specific continuity risk-profile. An aspect of SaaS that is rarely considered. Enter SaaS Escrow.

There are two critical continuity problems with SaaS.

First the immense dependency of the users on the continuity of the supplier. Should the supplier quit, so does the further development and support and the system becomes useless. While one can argue that it is not different from other types of software delivery, they would be wrong. The main difference is the time-scale. With Saas, the usability problem manifests right then and there, unlike a substantial time-span in regular software delivery.

A second issue is the developing practice in Saas. The development in SaaS is mostly agile, with very short lines between the development environment and production. Practically, this means the software itself is in permanent motion. Moreover, not only the software evolves continuously, the data does too. From a BC point of view, this is a match made in hell. There are plenty of solutions to safeguard the data in a SaaS system, but very little to safeguard the continuity of both software and data. In a situation where any of the delivery lines are disrupted, all parties will undoubtedly be severely damaged: systems need to be rebooted, data needs to be re-inputted and entire process-streams need to be reset or - in the worst case scenario - redesigned.

In order to guarantee a full continuation of service - combination software and data - WorldEscrow developed a highly sophisticated Escrow-service, using a tailor-made technology from Knowliah, to safeguard and protect the development practice, document the software to its full extent, and offer a solution to the data related to the application. By disposing of a ready-to-use deposit of the application on a secondary server system, we minimize the service interruption dramatically, making sure that the user's operations can resume in less than a moment's notice.

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